2014 conference


The PhD By Design conference was held on the 6th and 7th of November at Goldsmiths, University of London.

We believe it was hugely successful at bringing together like minded people to discuss the messiness of practice based research.  We are now working on continuing with this idea and organising follow up events.

PhD By Design (2014) invited designers undertaking a practice-based PhD, as well as supervisors, MRes students, MPhil students within and outwith Design Departments. It was an opportunity for people to present work and discuss the diverse aspects of what it means to do a practice-based PhD in design.

When people registered we asked them to submit three questions related to issues they were uncovering through their research. The questions were then used to group people into thematic discussion sessions. Each session had contributions from leading researchers in the field. We hoped that people left the event with answers, solutions, ideas, support and new questions from colleagues.

The conference was an opportunity to come together to share practices, experiences and provide a forum to build a practice-based design research community.

You can download the PhD By Design conference programme here